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Last Modified : 11/07/2006
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NBA Cheats and Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Enter any of the following codes in the NBA Codes screen.

KDZ2MQL17WAdidas Garnett Bounce (Vegas edition)
HYIOUHCAANAdidas Garnett Bounce (All-Star edition)
MCJK843NNCAdidas T-Mac 6 (All-Star edition)
84GF7EJG8VAdidas T-Mac 6 (Vegas edition)
CC98KKL814Adidas Crazy 8 (St. Patty's edition)
CLT2983NC8Adidas Campus Lt (St. Patty's edition)
22OIUJKMDRAdidas Equipment Bball (St. Patty's edition)
FE454DFJCCAdidas Stealth (All-Star edition)
23DN1PPOG4Adidas Gil-Zero (All-Star edition)
QQQ3JCUYQ7Adidas Gil-Zero (Vegas edition)
369V6RVU3GAdidas Gil-Zero Mid (Away)
1GSJC8JWRLAdidas Gil-Zero Mid (Home)