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Last Modified : 09/14/2006
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Nascar 07 Cheats and Codes

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Cheat mode
Select the "Game Modes" option at the main menu. Then, select "Fight To The Top". Enter one of the following case-sensitive first and last names at the driver information screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Old Spice Fantasy track and all cars and drivers in all four divisions
Enter KeepCool as a first name and SmellGreat as a last name.

All Chase plates
Enter ItsAll as a first name and ForMe as a last name.

10 million fans
Enter AllBow as a first name and ToMe as a last name.

Level 10 Prestige
Enter Outaa as a first name and MyWay as a last name.

$10 million
Enter GiveMe as a first name and More as a last name.

Enter MoMoney as a first name and BlingBling as a last name.