Madden NFL 2006 Cheats , Cheat Codes, Walkthroughs and Trainers

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Genre: Sports
Last Modified : 08/21/2005
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Madden NFL 2006 Cheats and Codes

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Unlock Cheats
Go to My Madden at the menu, select My Madden, then go to Madden Cards. Select Madden Codes. Enter the case-sensitive code to unlock the corresponding cheats:

Code - Result
555128 - All Stadiums
614897 - Classic Teams
3F9G4J - 3rd Down
3E9R4V - 5th Down
N44D6E - Bad Spot
J33I8F - Bingo!
L96U8Z - Coffin Corner
2W4P9T - 1st and 15
2Y7L8B - 1st and 5
3J3S9Y - Da Boot
3D3Q3P - Extra Credit
3H3U7F - Human Plow
3H8M5U - Super Dive
3D8X6T - Tight Fit
2Z2F4H - Unforced Errors
8Q2J2X - Donovan McNabb Gold Card