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Halo: Combat Evolved (PC) Reviewed!
Game Info
Gameplay: 9 / 10
Graphics: 10 / 10
Sound: 10 / 10
Replay: 7 / 10
Final Rating:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Put your armour on, load up your weapon, and get ready for a 10-12hr blast of adrenaline. Halo: Combat evolved is a fast paced, intense battle based first person shooter that will keep you on your toes at all times.

You play as the Master Chief, a gentically engineered Spartan super soldier of the future. You are the last of your breed, or so you think and have trained hard and strict since you were 6 yrs of age. You do not fear anything, you are built for war and will battle anyway, anyhow and anyone to accomplish your mission. Your objective is to battle the hordes of covnenant forces that are trying desperatley to reach earth to invade and conquer your beloved home planet. They will go to any lengths to acheive this goal but they run into a little snag, "You!" During the battle you crash land on a mysterious ring called Halo, built by a long-dead race. You must now lead the way with your scattered troops and explore this sacred relic to unravel the mysterys of Halo and unleash it's greatest source of power.


Massive worlds
Nothing short of amazing here. Halo comes at you with massive worlds that look awe inspiring. You'll see alot of atmospheres here from dense jungles to Ice cold worlds and of course, Sharp, metallic battle stations. Whatever you fancy, it will be here in this game. Explosions and battles are very sharp and all your weaponary has it's own distinctive textures and details. But I think the best feature of the Graphics is that there is very rarely any slowdown. The pace is always quick and you need to be quick with this game or you'll be done before you know it. If you are looking for lush environments, detailed looking enemies and amazing looking battle scenes then this game is a must.


Right from the beginnng of the game and to the end you will be blown away by the Audio track. Not only is it fitting for this type of game, but it kicks in at certain checkpoints when something is about to take place. Thich makes the game play like a full blown movie and brings out a true sense of drama and suspense. Sound effects of this game are true and detailed and the voice acting is very good as well. The grunts, groans and speech of the aliens are chilling and humorous and the mix of different explosions and weapons are excellent and distinct. I did not see a flaw in this title with the sound effects and the accompanying soundtrack and gave this a perfect score because of it. Truly tremendous.


The Covenant

The range of gameply here is incredible. Do not think you are just going to go out and shoot aliens with a FPS view the whole game. There are certain things you must do to achieve your goals. Driving and operating vehicles and using stationary guns that are all over the world are very common. There are several vehicles in this game that you must drive. Some of these include, the trusty Warthog, the Scorpion and some Covenant vehicles you can jump on as well, like the Ghost and The Banshee. Most of the time these are not optional and the only way you will beat the enemy is to plan and make use of them.

Of course the majority of the game is the solid FPS fighting and moving around. You will use all sorts of weapons and grenades but you can only carry a certain number of weapons at any given time. This type of gameplay makes for some interesting strategy, as you definitely have to use certain weapons to tackle specific enemies. Caught without the right weapon and it can be over rather quickly for you. Another great trait of the gameplay is you can use and switch between any weapons you find, which includes enemy weapons as well. There are over 15 ways to bring down the convenant, so plan ahead, be aware of your environment and be ready for anything.

Replay Value

Here is where I thought the game was lacking. I was dissapointed when the game ended. I really wanted more, and when I saw the credits come up, I was in a saddened state. I played the game on normal and thought that something would be unlocked. A couple of extra missions as a bonus would've made this game a perfect gem. I know there are other difficulty levels and a muti-player option but these are really just a repeat of the same game. I did not want to repeat the game again as I worked so hard to complete it, but I did need more to continue my adrenaline.


Intense Action

Am amazing experience that will keep you on the go at all times. The excellent graphics, sound and gameplay will astound you. Truly one of the best FPS games out there.

The only beef is with the replay value. I needed more and I am sure most viewers and players will agree with me on this one. Let's make the next Halo a long and fullfilling experience. I would love to see a 25-30hr+ experience with an abundament of bonuses and extra levels. Only time will tell.