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Platform: PS2
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Last Modified : 05/18/2006
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Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats and Codes

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Cheat mode
Press L + R at the main menu to display the code entry screen. Then, enter one of the following six digit number codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

All monsters and levels unlocked
Enter 141421 as a code.

All levels unlocked
Enter 271828 as a code.

One hit building destruction
Enter 071767 as a code.

Invincible to bullets, rockets and other projectiles
Enter 986960 as a code.

All monsters have all power upgrades
Enter 011235 as a code. Note: The star points will not appear on their cards.

Demo mode with two random monsters
Enter 082864 as a code. Note: This earns PAR Damage stars.

Instant demo mode with two random monsters
Enter 874098 as a code. Note: This earns Destruction Complete stars.

View opening sequence
Enter 667300 as a code.

View ending sequence
Enter 667301 as a code.

View credits
Enter 667302 as a code.

Display game version
Enter 314159 as a code.

Disable all codes
Enter 000000 as a code.