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Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheats 05/28/2005

Unreal Tournament 2003 Cheats and Codes

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PC Cheats for Unreal Tournament 2003 = fast, etc...)
set engine.pawn jumpz # - Changes Jump Capacity (300 = default)
behindview 1 - Changes to Third Person View (0 to turn it off)
summon - Summons an Item (see the list below)
stat fps - Display FPS
stat net - Display Network Status
stat all - Show All Stats

Item List: xeffects.tankvictim, xweapons.ioncannon, xeffects.newioneffect, xeffects.shark, xweapons.redeemeer projectile, xweapons.grenade, vehicles.bulldog

Adrenaline Combos:
When you get 100 adrenaline points, you can activate a combo (aka special move). They expire after a short time and then you have to gather more adrenaline to do another one. If you have an inverse mouse set, you may need to try reversing the order of the commands, ie - instead of Fwd, Fwd, Back, Back try Back, Back, Fwd, Fwd:

Berserk - Forward, Forward, Back, Back
Health Booster - Back, Back, Back, Back
Invisibility - Left, Left, Right, Right
Speed Booster - Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward

Double jump - Jump, then jump again at the top of the first jump.
Double dodge - Double tap Strafe Left or Right, Forward or Backward.
Dodge Jump - Perform dodge, then jump before you land