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UFO: Aftermath Cheats and Codes

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Cheat Codes
To enable the cheats, locate the UFO: Aftermath "config.cfg" file in the game install directory, then open it with Notepad and add the following line:
KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE

Save the changes, start up the game and enter the following codes in the console window (press [Shift]+[~] to bring it up):

Code - Result

godmode - God Mode
quickvictory - Win Mission
quicklose - Lose Mission
destroyobj - Destroy Objects
visibility - Show Visible Area
hitpoints - Show Hit Points
allplans - Show Paths
enemies - Show Enemies
unitsahidden - See Through Units
quickabsolutevictory - Win Mission w/ Items
canparalyse - Remove Paralysing Effects
cancontrol - Remove Mind Control
flare - Flare Around Squad
scenemode - Cycle Textures

On the Global Strategic View:

Code - Result
ALLITEMS - All Weapons
HIREUNIT - Add New Member
FINISHRD - Complete Research