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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 Cheats and Codes

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PC Cheats for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 r to the fairway
or green.

Just like last year`s version of the game, swapping
swing types in the middle of a hole is highly
recommended. Take your tee shot (and second shot
on longer holes) with the mouse swing, as it offers
lots of distance and no chance of unintentional hooks
or slices. Then switch to the three-click swing for
better accuracy during your chips and putts.

Do not trust the club you are given. Don`t say I
didn`t warn you!

PGA 2000 greens are fast, baby. Use backspin and
shorten your chipping club to compensate.

When you hit for extra power and therefore go past 12
o`clock on the three-click gauge, it becomes far more
crucial to hit the 6 o`clock "snap" point with absolute
accuracy. Because nailing that 6 o`clock mark is far
from easy, it is advisable to pick a harder hitting
club and "take something off the swing," perhaps clicking
at the 11 o`clock mark instead.