Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats , Cheat Codes, Walkthroughs and Trainers

Platform: PC
Type: Cheats
Genre: FPS
Last Modified : 11/07/2006
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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats and Codes

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Cheat Codes
Pause the game, select CHEATS from the menu, then enter any of the following cheat codes:

FPATCHFill Balls (Trigger Blind Rage)
OLDFASTSpawn Ariel MK III (Race Car)
DOZERSpawn Bulldozer
BUMMERSpawn Bodog Stampede
DUMPERSpawn Odin VH88
666999Spawn Bacinari
BLACKBlack Suit
BLUESHBlue Suit w/ Shades
GREYGrey Suit
GREYSHGrey Suit w/ Shades
SANDYSandy Shirt
SANDYSHSandy Shirt w/ Shades
WHITEWhite Suit
WHITESHWhite Suit w/ Shades
MEDIKFull Health
AMMOMax Ammo
TUNEMEOriginal Sound Track
MARTHAChange Time of Day
FLYSTRTDecrease Cop Heat by 1000
NOBALLSDecrease Gang Heat by 1000
DONUTIncrease Cop Heat by 1000
GOBALLSIncrease Gang Heat by 1000
SHAZAAMToggle Lightning
RAINYToggle Rain
TBURGLRRepair Tony's Car