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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (PC) Reviewed!
Game Info
Gameplay: 5 / 10
Graphics: 8 / 10
Sound: 8 / 10
Replay: 7 / 10
Final Rating:

Pop quiz, hot shot: you have just been dropped in the middle of a battle seen from WWII. Thompson sub machineguns rattle of rounds mortars fire and panzerfausts being shot in your direction and you have two decisions to make. What side will you fight for, and which role will you play to help lead your team to victory?
Enemy Territory is a downloadable completely free standalone team based multiplayer online game. All packed in to a First Person Shooter view point to let you see literally eye to eye with your opponents and teammates on the virtual battlefield.
The Return to Castle Wolfenstein look, gives it kind of a little punch too. Youíre sure to love the bundle of perks that make the gameplay in this online game, a little more interesting than normal everyday Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
The storyline doesnít quite fit that of the original game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein though. Because itís more realistic meaning thereís no zombies or monsters, just people against people. There is no single player mode, because this is a standalone multiplayer modification of RTCW. That means itís exclusively for online and LAN play.
The allied and axis player theme is similar to the original RTCW multiplayer, apart from some new characters. The storyline is explained before each map on the loading screen and is presented in a way that makes the player think of different WWII type scenarios. Even some that may have really occurred.

Game play

Colored smoke means you need to run for your life, bombs are on there wayÖ

At first it comes off as an extremely complex game. However quite quickly a player can start to understand what hisher mission is in the game. The game has a few different game play modes to choose from, as in most online games. Since the game is team based and only multiplayer, the maps are all built around key objectives. The object being; not only to kill the other team ending up with the highest frags in the end, but for one team to accomplish an objective and the other team to prevent them. This makes the game extremely ferocious and competitive. The allied and axis sides both play roles in offence and defense depending on the map youíre playing. Servers are of no rarity and it is quite simple to find a good one by means of the in game filter. Not to mention, this game has punk-buster built in for optional use. The purpose of this is to find cheaters and get rid of them right away so the game is still fun for others that just want to play fair. The gameplay is always going to be a lot more interactive and teamwork oriented because you are playing with and against real people online, as apposed to artificial intelligence.

YEA! Nothing like the old explosion to spice up a battle.
You can be healed by a fellow medic if wounded, or you can be a medic yourself. Covert ops can pose as the enemy by stealing his uniform so that they can get behind enemy lines and possibly relay information, destroy enemy command posts, or defenses. Until they fire a weapon they will resemble the soldier whose uniform they took. Covert ops also can spot enemy landmines with there binoculars which is extremely useful to any team. When you feel bombarded by the other team, or just need some way to kill the campers on the far hill, chose to be a field ops. This class can call for an air raid with there binoculars, throw a smoke grenade for quick napalm like runs, or hand out ammo to the fellow teammates.
The engineer has a large role to play in all maps. This class can construct all the objectives, whether the objective is a bridge, command post, or turret they can destroy them with dynamite or build them with there pliers. They can plant and defuse enemy dynamite and land mines if they are quick. Engineers also repair the tanks, trucks, or turrets that are damaged during the game play (fix the blown up stuff). If none of the above fit your particular needs and you just want to help destroy the other team than you may chose to be a soldier. Tally up the frags yielding anything from a Thompson sub machine gun; to a mortar launcher, panzerfaust, Mobile MG42, or even a flame thrower you can be the hero or the victim of another teamís hero here.

Ouch! That had to hurt!

Every class has its own unique choice of weapons and special abilities or advantages that you can earn by increasing your experience in the game by having better accuracy, killing more people or helping complete your team objectives. As you gain experience and special abilities you earn ranks you can see on a little checklist on your HUD, as well as your helmet. All of the statistics of any playerís accuracy, kills, and experience can be viewed by any player at the end of a level. The game also calculates a list of players that are excelling in certain areas above the others which is kind of fun. All of this just makes it easier to see where you can improve, although sometimes seems demeaning.
Teamwork is hard to avoid in this game because right when you join a server you are asked whether you want to join a squad or make another squad. For me I find chat, via the in game chat, to time consuming and it most likely will get you killed if you arenít fast. Luckily the game makes up for this somewhat by providing some pre programmed voice commands to choose from. This game has good ideas, but lacks in the area of in game bots and the only thing that can lower the gameplay is; the people you play with, the server you joined, and the speed of your internet connection, or computer.


Things arenít going this playerís way. It seems heís lost his helmet.

The graphics in this game are based on an older engine by todayís standards and could be better, but are not enough to ruin the game, if you arenít picky about looks. You can run the game at a higher resolution to make up for this somewhat though. The game adds a few nice touches with explosions, and smoke grenades, and what not that seems to spice up an ordinary battle. This combined with the bullet trails of orange light you can sometimes see if you are lucky enough not to have them fired at you!


Sound in this game has extremely few flaws; in fact itís rather good in terms of sound quality. I might like it if it had built in EAX surround sound support. One other thing I felt it needed, was a soundtrack to jam to, while in battle (but to me thatís minor). Otherwise the in game sound has everything any gamer needs to enjoy his battle.

Replay Value

This depends on the person. For me a 7 or an 8 is a fair grade, due to the fact that all online games are improved upon and added to so much over time with updates, modís, maps, and other customizations that you have enough freedom to mold the game for your particular taste. Not to mention the fact that youíre always embarking upon new opponents whom you may or may not know and just as you wish, they all want to have fun. If you find a favorite server of choice, you can enjoy, you normally meet online clans that play Enemy Territory for competition; they are fun to play with on a regular basis.


Id like to thank all the nice [RP] clan members and anyone else on the server that day, who cooperated with me taking screenshots of them during their game play.