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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising (PC) Reviewed!
Game Info
Gameplay: 9 / 10
Graphics: 7 / 10
Sound: 8 / 10
Replay: 10 / 10
Final Rating:

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising takes place in the war torn country of Indonesia, which is in the midst of a civil war. Rebel militants fight for the freedom of their country which was taken from them when they were given to Java and called Indonesia. Now the Rebels, along with ex-military soldiers, fight for their freedom with guerilla warfare tactics. With Indonesia unstable, the United Nations has no choice but to send in a multi-lateral, international, Joint Operation force to restore order. The Joint Operation codenamed Typhoon Rising consists of Special Forces experts from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, and the loyal Indonesian military. Itís your job to choose either the Joint Ops or the Rebels and battle it out for the fate of Indonesia.


Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising can only be played online though an internet connection or LAN. Although the recommendations say a 56k modem will work, I would recommend that if you want to have any fun, play only with broadband or DSL otherwise the lag will be to high. Joint Ops can be played in both first person and third person. Third person is a nice option but unnecessary since aiming is to difficult. Before you start fragging people left and right, the game provides training missions so that you can get use to movement, various weapons and vehicle control. Training missions include basic controls, at-4, stinger, mortar, sniper rifle, satchel charges, grenade launcher, machine gun, land vehicles, water vehicles, aircraft, base defense and base assault. After youíre satisfied with your training, login to Novaworld and search through the different servers to log into a game. There are four types of games you can play, co-op, advance and secure, team deathmatch, and team king of the hill.

Co-Op Games
Several multiplayer maps support cooperative play where a team of players work together to accomplish a specific objective. To play a co-op multiplayer game you can join a LAN or Novaworld game hosted by someone else, or you can host your own game.

Advance and Secure
During an Advance and Secure game, your team must advance on enemy bases and fight to control them while also defending your own bases from enemy control. Base camps can be controlled by only one team at a time. The control-zone for the camp is shown as a circle on the HUD spin-map or on the Commanderís Screen. To win an enemy base camp, your teammates must outnumber the enemies in the zone for the period of time. The greater the ratio of your forces vs. enemy forces the faster you will lower the enemy flag. After your team destroys the control-zone, one person must enter the bunker to take over the base camp. When your team fully controls the base, your teammates can spawn there. The status-bar for a contested base camp shows the time remaining for that base to be destroyed or camped. If your teammates outnumber the enemies in a control-zone, the status-bar will move in your favor. If the enemy outnumbers your team, you will lose control of the base.

Team Deathmatch
Gain the highest team score by eliminating players on the opposing team.

Team King of the Hill
Both teams struggle to control a central zone for the longest time. The first team to remain in the zone for the target time wins the game.

The graphics for this game are great but nothing revolutionary. Compared to previous Novalogic games, the one thing I noticed was an increase in the amount of foliage.

Foliage provides a great place for cover except for at great distances in which you donít see any foliage. If there is a person hiding in the foliage then you can see a faint outline of the person from a distance. As usual with previous Novalogic games, the maps for Joint Ops are gigantic and trying to traverse them on foot can take a while which is why it is important to use vehicles. Another nice feature is that some servers can hold up to 150 people. Combined with large maps and large amount of people, battles are not to spread out nor to confined.

The audio for Joint Operations is nothing impressive. The standard gunshots, walking, grenade, etc. sound effects are performed well; i.e. the M-16 has a different sound effect from that of the AK-47. There isnít any music to listen to while trying to capture a base or hunt an enemy. Some people online wish that there was music in the background but other people say it might be a distraction which is why Novalogic most likely decided to leave it out.

Replay Value
This game is all about replay. Since it is online, each time you go into a game the stakes are different. Sometimes your team is working well with one another, sometimes there isnít any teamwork. When your team doesnít work together it can get frustrating when trying to take over objectives, but all it can take is one person to organize squads and command an offensive. One drawback to the game is that snipers have a huge advantage; a single sniper can pin down an enemy base.

Because of this, most people enter the game as a sniper so on a team there can be 25 snipers and only a couple of engineers, riflemen, gunners, or medics. What is also nice about the replay value is the 4 different types of games that you can play. Get bored of Team Deathmatching, switch to Team King of the Hill and try to defend or attack an area, there is also Advance and Secure and Co-Op Games. The one thing that Joint Operations doesnít have is a single player game. So if your internet goes down for whatever unforeseen event happens, all you have to play is the training missions which can be fun for a little while but not for long.

In conclusion Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is a great game, hours upon hours of fun. There are some problems with it. The game was released a little too early; minor errors have popped up every now and then. The men and women at Novalogic are working hard to fix these errors; several updates have already been posted. One error that I noticed on occasion was gun turrets on vehicles would float on the board while the vehicle would keep going. Although this game has errors which most of them are being fixed, this is a very fun and entertaining game to play. At times it can get frustrating teammates can fight with one another about what to do or there is that one person who will shoot his own fellow teammates but when your team works together to take over a base or to accomplish an objective its all worth while. Even if you lose a match, the game can still be fun. Another bonus is that you can meet other players and create squads to do organized battles. You can use the commanderís screen to set waypoints and communicate with your squads. A commander can have up to three fireteams and give orders to each individual or each fireteam.

Those of you who love to play first person shooters and love to play them online should check this game out. This game is well worth the money spent and donít be fooled by the ďSubject to a valid credit card, included with purchase of product.Ē This was added by Novalogic for future features not yet mentioned nor released. As it says on the back cover, ďNow go off and join the largest multiplayer FPS games ever, join the ferocious struggle between Joint Operations Forces and Indonesian Rebels, where team work is essential for survival and ultimate victory.Ē