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Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats and Codes

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PC Cheats for Jagged Alliance 2 r>
ALT+T - teleports currently selected mercenary to the
cursor position

ALT+O - eliminates all enemies in the current sector

ALT+D - refreshes action points of the current selected

ALT+R - full ammo (reload weapon)

ALT+W - item scrolling, at first select an item in detail

ALT+B - enemy appears at the cursor position

ALT+C - civilist appears at the cursor position

ALT+G - new mercenary appears at the cursor position

ALT+Y - roboter appears at the cursor position

ALT+2 - mercenary becomes bug

ALT+4 - mercenary sits in an wheel-chair

ALT+5 - mercenary becomes big bug

ALT+I - a randomly generated weapon appears at the cursor position

ALT+K - gas grenade explodes at the cursor position

ALT+Q - show the inside of all buildings (the roofs disappears)

ALT+1 - mercenary becomes a tank (not useable)

CTRL+T - all mercenaries in the current sector becomes
arrested by bad queen

CTRL+H - the mercenary loses health points (cursor must be just
at mercenary`s position)

CTRL+U - heals the mercenary (cursor must be just at mercenary`s

CTRL+O - an enemy bug appears

CTRL+K - an hand grenade explodes at the cursor position

CTRL+F - should show framerate, but doesn`t seem to work

Cheats in Laptop view:

+ - +100.000 $ (not Numpad-Plus!)
- - -10.000 $ (not Numpad-Minus!)

Map screen-Cheats CTRL+T teleports troop to any selected sector.
You have to be in route planning mode, so you can see the route.
In the moment you activate the cheat the troop has arrived the sector.

ALT+left Mouse click on the GO TO SECTOR-Icon: all enemies b
ecomes eliminated.

You start in an already cleaned sector.

Jagged Alliance 2

Disclaimer: This article is going to be part Hot Hints,
part Dirty Tricks...

With this cheat you can change any object into any other
object that you happen to have around. If, for example,
you wanted to get another grenade, you would have to get
to where you can buy and sell stuff. (In the demo this
would be at Jakes Junkyard) Click on the grenade and then
click on something you don`t mind losing (e,g, a .45 clip).
Click on the .45 clip again (your mouse cursor should
become a .45 clip) and then click where the grenade was.
The .45 clip becomes a grenade. Put the grenade in an
empty spot and then take the first grenade down from the
selling list.

You should now have two grenades and minus one .45 clips.
It does not have to be a .45 clip or grenade. It should
work for anything.

I don`t know how this would work in the complete version.

Here`s another one:

Irritated with having to haggle with useless civ`s?
Want a better way? Any time you meet anyone who will
sell you something (in the demo, that would be Jake),
just execute them. That way, you get all their items for
free, and any weapons they might have on their person.
Just make sure you get them in one blast though, because
many civ`s (especially Jake) don`t take to kindly to
being mugged.


Tip 1:
Your first priority is to establish a financial
base--seize the first mine at Drassen as soon as
possible. To this end, it is worth your money to
blow $10,000 to $15,000 on a top-of-the-line
mercenary on a one-day contract. Choose someone
with a long-range rifle and excellent marksmanship.
Remember, you get to keep his equipment at the end
of the day.

Tip 2:
Don`t forget--to get a mine to produce money for
you, you must find the mine foreman and make him
happy. Seizing the town the mine is in is not enough.

Tip 3:
Do not seek out combat with government patrols until
you have stocked up on long-range weapons. Also, any
group of more than four or five enemy soldiers will
split up and flank your position, so prepare your
own ambush.

text: This is easy all you have to do is get a Talon Grenade Launcher, put a
40MM Grenade in it and attach it to a gun. Then press the button that
determines whether it burst or single shot 3 times and youll see the Talon
icon. Now just Point and shoot.Hope this can Help.

How to Send Heads Rolling posted by: LtChambers
There may be more than one way to skin a cat, but there`s only one way to
cut off a dead guy`s head: with a blade. To send some heads rolling in the
demo, grab a handy knife or machete (I don`t think a throwing knife will
work), wield it, and try to attack the torso of a dead body. If it doesn`t start
a quick series of three stabs, you`re clicking on the wrong part of that
graphic. Try again on a different part of the body. Why cut off a head?
Well, in the game it will probably be a way to prove a kill, even though in
the demo it describes a head as decaying, no matter how soon after death
you decapitate it. Now you can bring the terrorists heads to the government
agent for big bucks )

Friendly Kill posted by: Spypenguin
If you want to kill someone and don`t want them to get mad, just shoot a
few squares behind them. If you do this enough, the bullets will kill them
and noone will care. This is how I killed Kingpin and Damon

Easy Bug Kills posted by: Gunz
Just use the MadLab robot to kill the bugs. The bugs will not attack the
robot, but will surround it. You may need to reload the robot a few times,
but the bugs will remain in place. Works for all the creatures, including the
queen bug.

How to Pop-up without getting shot. posted by: Angel of Death
Equip your crouched merc with a grenade in hand. Target a square to
throw the grenade and left click once. Your merc will stand up to prepare
to throw the grenade. He will then spot the enemy first, and will not throw
the grenade. For some strange reason, the enemy doesn`t shoot you when
you get up this way. Now you can switch back to your rifle and start
blasting away. Repeat till enemy is dead.

How to make 4 springs out of 1 posted by: DoomRaider
There is a nice bug(feature) in JA2. You`ll probably get lots of rods while
springs are hard to find. Stack 4 rods into a large inventory slot, drag a
spring, right click on rods, right click one of the rods, and combine it with
the spring. Now you should have 4 rods combined with spring which you
can attach to your guns.

Tip how to kill the bugs. posted by: Jose Ramon
Sent just one mercenary with at least 3 elixir`s 2 mustard gas grenades an
several normal grenades. Use the elixir, and cross all screens until you
reach the last one. The Queen can`t see you with the elixir, use firs the
mustard gas and later the grenades, as soon as the queen die all the bugs
die too.

Too easy Mike kill! posted by: jimmydonut
It`s been a while since I did this last, but here is the easiest way to get rid
of Mike. When talking to Mike, click on the "Give" button right away. You
should be able to see his inventory next. So take all his armor off and then
make sure you can shoot him right away. Because even if you unarm him,
he will shoot you. Hope this works for you like it did for me!

* If you`re desperate to have a good weapon just blow the wooden wall of XXX
bookstore in San Mona to meet Tony the black market arms seller.
* After taking the 5th town visit Omerta, Miguel Cordona and Carlos will join
you for free. Miguel has 98 leadership, 85 marksmanship, an AKM, 3 ammo,
combat knife, Night Vision Goggles and is a night ops specialist. He is well
worth having especially for recruiting other NPCs and training militia. Free.
* Go to the gas station one square left of Balime to get yourself a very nice
HUMMER for $ 10.000 and a free gas ( if available ).
* The bloodcats lair location is three squares right of Alma, there are 18 of them
so be sure to take lot`s of ammo before you go there. And use the heli to jump
one square before the lair location or your merc will badly injured. One tip for
you : bloodcats never enter water.
* To use the rocket rifle with " Invalid fingerprint ID " bring them to the
electronic workshop in Grum
* Just drop the marbles in the ring where the fighter will run to you to K.O the
fighters in San Mona especially the third one.
* Rocks have three uses. You can use them to create a diversion--throw one in the
vicinity of an enemy and he`ll go check out the sound. Second, you can use them to
detonate mines. Throw one where you think there is a mine. And third, you can use
them as weapons! (Though they only do a couple points of damage.)
* Use your merc with high Leadership point > 50 to talk to someone e.g. to reveal
the location of Orta or to recruit someone.
* Barrel Extender : Increases range by 10.
Bipod : Hit chance increased (specific: +10% if shooting while lying prone)
Duckbill : Eliminates vertical spread of buckshot, recommended for long range
Silencer : Take `em down without even disturbing the wildlife!
Laser Scope : Hit chance increased (specific: +20% for every/any shot taken)
Rod & Spring : Decreases AP cost by 1/6 (rounded down).
Sniper Scope : Hit chance increased (specific: 20% for each point of extra aim
devoted to a shot.)
Talon : Underslung grenade launcher for most weapons, fires 40mm grenades.