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IGI 2: Covert Strike (PC) Reviewed!
Game Info
Gameplay: 8 / 10
Graphics: 9 / 10
Sound: 7 / 10
Replay: 7 / 10
Final Rating:


Grab your handy map computer, special issue covert clothing, flack jacket, vest, night vision range finder binoculars, a thermal imaging device and some fire power. Now get used to it all, because it will likely save your life wile playing IGI 2: Covert Strike. That is of course if you use all of it to its full extent and remember that you are a covert operative, not some one man marching band tooting his horn behind enemy lines.

A bloody battle going on!
I liked the idea of this game and enjoyed toying with the weapons, but the game takes a lot of patience. It's primarily based on strategy and stealth tactics. Of course running around with guns blazing isn't your every day covert assignment so you must move extremely slow and take long amounts of time planning your next attack. To me it gets annoying and extremely redundant after a few hours of gaming. If you ask me, I know what my attack plan is, plain and simple, “put a bullet in the closest enemies head and look for the next target and put a bullet in it”, but this game is very time consuming and I would definitely only recommend it to people that enjoy stealth combat games and if you like sneaking more than shooting. The object is not to kill unless necessary so you need to stay in the shadows and under cover whenever possible.

One especially annoying circumstance is when you take your time (half an hour or so), to make it half way across a level unspotted; your doing great, then suddenly your spotted, killed, while at the same time realizing you forgot to save because you were to busy worrying about the guards! This is an extreme source of aggravation. One neat and rather unique thing about this game is its idea of realism, for example you can use your thermal imaging device to find where your enemy is inside a room and use you weapon to shoot through a wall to kill him. This adds some fun to the use of your weapons online and in single player. Players can shoot through the doors and walls with powerful weapons and easily take out enemies. A very suspensefull game if you ask me. At any given time in a level, a player may feel out numbered, 1 to 100 and is forced to stick to his or her main objectives. If one doesn’t do so, they will most likely not succeed in beating the level.

The game has a unique storyline. To be forthright it’s a continuation of what began in the preceding game; Project: IGI. You play the part of David Jones a highly trained solo operative who works for the “Institute for Geotactic Intelligence”, or “IGI”. His mission is to covertly stop any threat and terminate terrorism. Wonderful in game movies before each level introduce you to why and what your mission is. After that a player can refer to his or her map computer for a list of objectives, weaponry in inventory, save or load game information, and a very detailed bird’s eye view of the surrounding environment, including the position of enemys. All of this proves to be extremely useful threw out your missions.

Lurking on the enemy

Multiplayer game play is wonderful as well. If a player feels cheated because of the lack of weapon usage in single player, he or she can definitely make up for it in multiplayer mode. You can be an IGI operative or a Resistance force player, either way you both have objectives consisting of both offensive and defensive roles. No mater what roles you play you still get to frag the enemy that is of course, if they don’t kill you first.


The graphics are nothing to complain about. Although I have seen better, I think the game has fairly good graphics. One thing I thought was nice was the extent of many levels size geographically. The geographical maps add great strength to a game when put together with good graphics. The lakes and water and whatnot in the game look great graphically. They add a realistic feel to the digital environment. The thermal imaging device could have used a little more work though. I have seen better interpretations of thermal imaging than what is displayed in this game.


Well I have to say I rarely was saddened by the sound quality. All in all the game has a nice soundtrack. The sound effects are numerous and keep you on your toes. The voice acting for the in game movies is rather well done. Weaponry sounds are great too. Don’t forget wonderful doubly digital surround sound support as well. Just all-around good quality sound.

Replay Value

The enemy surrenders
Well here’s my short and sweet idea of replay value for IGI2 single player. The game proved to me, the first time I played it, that it would be too much of a pain in the neck to try and replay a level after you already beat it. It just takes to damn long! Unless you are one of the perfectionist types that always tries to beat his last time. Although the multiplayer replay value is great! The team play is fun and always has you looking forward to some combat. The single player is what brought down the replay value score.