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World of Gaming - News : The Sims 2 Seasons announced
The Sims 2 Seasons announced
PC News 12/12/2006 
Electronic Arts has announced the latest expansion to The Sims 2. The Sims 2 Seasons, as the title suggests, brings the four seasons into the world of the titular computer people. That means a change of mood, weather, career and other features throughout the game year.

"The Sims 2 Seasons really delivers what the players have been asking for a unique gaming experience offering new seasonal, outdoor activities that players can engage in. And because each season unfolds differently, spring, summer autumn and winter will look different than the year before, guaranteeing a fresh experience each season," said Vice President and Studio Head of The Sims Division, Rod Humble. "From fishing with Dad on a cool lake to catching fireflies on a warm summer night these are the great moments in life we remember either from growing up with our parents or growing up with our kids. The wonderful gardening system adds another layer of player creativity and nurturing which is the perfect compliment to the base game."

Expect to see the Seasons expansion released in February 2007.