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Hitman: Contracts

Level Select
Open the HitmanContracts Configuation Settings file found in:

C:\Program Files\Eidos\Hitman Contracts

and change the following:


Save and play. You will get a level select menu.

Cheat Codes
From your game folder, open the file "hitmancontracts.ini" using Notepad. Insert the following two lines:

This will allow you to activate the in-game cheat menu by pressing [SHIFT] + [ESC] while playing. Use your arrow keys to navigate up and down then left and right to toggle the options. 0 = off and 1 = on. For codes such as "give all" just press [ENTER].

Cardboard Tube
Enter "IOIPENNY" after enabling cheats.

Code - Effect
give some - All ammo and most weapons, no secret or hidden weapons
give all - All ammo and weapons, including hidden and secret
end level - End level
god mode - God mode
infammo - Infinate ammo
invisible - Invisible to enemys

In Game Password Cheats
These codes don't need to be entered in the console. Use a text editor, open up the file: hitmancontracts.ini; and insert ''EnableCheats 1'' and save. Afterwards, start the game and the cheats during any mission. Also note that Case Sensitivity does matter.

Password - Effect
IOIER - Bomb
IOIHITALI - Boxing Mode
IOIHITLEIF - Full Health
IOIGRV - Gravity Mode
IOILEPOW - Lethal Charge
IOIPOWER - Mega Force Mode
IOINGUN - Nail Gun Mode
IOISLO - Slow Motion
IOIPENNY - Unknown

Level Select
Open the HitmanContracts.ini file in the Hitman: Contracts directory. Find the line


and change it to


Save the HitmanContracts.ini file. When you start up the game, a menu showing a list of all the missions will appear.

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