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Animal Crossing Cheats and Codes

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,000 Bells
Tell Tom Nook: WB2&pARAcnOwnU jMCK%hTk8Jhyrt

NES nostalgia

In animal crossing you can get old NES games, including mario bros, ice climbers, tennis, donkey kong and others.You can play them at the GCN and the GBA. You can get games at theses ways. The first player who start in a memory card will get 2 games.In xmas you`ll get a game, in your birthday too.If you get 5 tickets in tom nook`s store you get a game.

Secret Character

How to Meet K.K.slider the singing dog:Go to the train station a 8:00 pm on a saturday night in real time!

Quick money

A lot of money: on new years (January 1st) at the post office a message from your parents will appear at the post office (i think its there) and it will wish you good health and luck...yada yada yada....the good part is it comes with a bag of 10,000 bells!!!

treasure hunt: if you have the shovel (to get complete the tasks given to you at the store then buy it for 500 bells) and find a place in your town where light seems to be coming from the ground, if you dig that up then you get 1,000 bells (Note: you can do this as many times as you want but only once per day)

fruit: on trees some fruit will grow if you shake the trees it will fall, fruit sells for 100 bells a piece...not much.....BUT!!! if you get a fruit that`s not native to your town then you can sell it for 500 bells!(eg. say my town has trees that grow cherries, if i get him an orange he will give me 500 instead of 100 because an orange isn`t common at my town)Note: fruit re-grows after you leave a store/house

sea shells: you can pick up the sea shells at the beach and sell them...prices vary from shell to shell by what type they are. *Note: see note for the fruit

lighten pockets: item section full??? got furniture or cloths you don`t like????? you have 2 options you could:

1)sell them and make some profit


2)talk to the pot/fire hydrant looking thing and you can save items in there ***Note***:you can also talk to him and save

Early Christmas

To get an early Christmas put the date on your gamecube to Dec 25 of any year .Then when you play the game it will be Christmas!

Money Tree

Walk around the town and eventually you`ll come across a glowing spot on the ground. If you have the shovel (you can buy it from Nook after completing his tasks) you should dig on that spot. You should unearth 1,000 bells. Then get 100 bells out of your pocket and bury it where you got the 1,000 bells.A money tree will grow where you buried the bells!

Apollos Wake-up Time

Apollo wakes up at 10:00am.

Easy Money

Make two files of Animal Crossing on two different memory cards. Then go two one of the towns that has a different native fuirt.

Then pick as many as you can then come back to your oringnal town and sell all the different fruit. The most money you can get is 7,500 bells. WARNING DON`T ERASE THE OTHER TOWN OR YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!!

Golden Shovel

You must have two shovels to do this. Then find the spot on the ground that has the light coming out of it. Dig there then bury one shovel. Cover it up with the other shovel and wait for some days. It will come out golden!!!

8000 bell Moon

On the night of the harvest moon (September 21) go and talk to the mayor. He will be along the river somewhere. He will give you a "Full Moon". Cash it in with Tom for 8000 bells! (only one moon per person)

Pay off your debt

There is a quick and easy way to pay off your debt to Tom Nook. At the beginning of the game, when you see the animal asking if you`re ready to go, select other opions, more options, and then set clock. Set the clock to Jan 1st. Check in your mail and there will be a letter with 10,000 bells in it. Save and repeat this process, adding on another year every time. Once you are done, deposit or keep the money, and change the clock back to normal time. The only side effect is that weeds have now grown all over your town. But dont worry about that. It took me about 45 minuets to take them all out. Anyway, I would only recommend doing this if you are paying back your second payment for your larger room because pulling up weeds is annoying. If you talk to him, he`ll ask you if you want to upgrade your house, or add a basement. The choice is yours, but I would definitely recommend a basement to store junk. (the HRA doesnt check your basement:-)

I hope this cheat helps you.

Ghost Busters(who ya gonna call)

Okay, my friend and I have found out a ghost appears at 2:00 A.M.(do this on a Friday)in the field. Remember, this is real time. You may want to set the clock on the gamecube. Now go to the ghost and talk to `em. He will tell you to capture his pals with a net. I think there`s five ghosts. do this and he`ll give you something nice.

Ghost Buster

OK,If your town gets overrun by weed(THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE GRASS)A Ghostly figure will apear at midnight until 4:00 am he`ll ask you to catch five spirits with your net when you do he`ll grant you one ok many wish`s one to clear your town of weed`s I won`t tell you the rest there secret`s.

Speedy Mail

Tired of waiting for your ordered mail from Nook? Just visit another town, go back home and check your mailbox. There`s your item!

Dupicate Items

What you need for this:

2 GBAs Time(due to riding boat 6 times)

First hook up one GBA using the GCN/GBA cable, go to the Kapp`n at the dock and ride to the island with the item(s) you want to dupicate.

On the island drop all items you wish to duplicate. Go back the Kapp`n and save the island to the first GBA.

Once you are back on the mainland unplug GBA 1 and plug in GBA 2 move up one screen then back down to the Kapp`n. Use the GBA 2 to get to the island(if you use 1 it will not work). On the island pick up all the items then head back to the mainland.

Once back take the boat again using GBA 1 this time. (It will load the island as it was before you took everything back.) Take the items again and thats it!

You can duplicate anything even money(make money bags)