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Pokemon: Sapphire Version Action Replay Cheats 03/23/2004

Pokemon: Sapphire Version Cheats and Codes

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Battle Tower Prizes
Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:

1-5 Victories:
- Calcium
- Carbos
- HP Up
- Iron
- Protein
- Zinc

6 or more Victories:
- Bright Powder
- Choice Band
- Focus Band
- King`s Rock
- Leftovers
- Mental Herb
- Quick Claw
- Scope Lens
- White Herb

50 Victories in a row:
- Award Ribbon
- Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row:
- Gold Shield

Find Latios
Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for the Latios, which is exclusive to the Sapphire version of the game.

Watch TV for Hints
Watch television to see commercials advertising bargains and the like. Here are some occurences to keep your eyes peeled for:

A commercial for the Mauville Game Corner. When it plays, head over there for increased prizes.

A commercial for the Lilycove Department Store. Get a discount after you see the commercial.
Pokemon sighting information. When the TV tells you a specific Pokemon is spotted, go to that location to find the monster in question.

A commercial for the Slateport City energy guy. Go to him to get energy items at a reduced price.